Buy One More Food Collection for the Downtown Community Ministry @ New World Chaffers

On Saturday the 23rd of April five members of the club headed down to New World Chaffers and asked for the shoppers to “Buy One More” food item and donate it to the Downtown Community Ministry. We were pleasantly surpised by the generosity of people on the day and had some real good chats about the DCM. In total we collected an overflowing shopping trolley full of food and donated that to the DCM!
It was a great day and we managed to do a lot of good in a relatively short amount of time!

Full list of food collected:

8L of Cooking Oil
11kgs of Rice
12kgs of Oats
6 boxes of Cereal
8L of UHT Milk
1L Juice
4kgs Peanut Butter
4kgs Jam
13 packets of Pasta
104 Cans of Vegetables, Fruit & Other
5 packets of Crackers
2 Soups
1 box of Drinking Chocolate
1 tube of Toothpaste
1 bag of Chips

April 2016