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Beach Clean Up

PLEASE NOTE: we have currently suspended our Beach Clean Ups for the winter due to bad weather…but they will be up and running again this summer!

The Rotaract Club of Wellington is working together with the Wellington City Council to help clean problem-places around Wellington focusing on beaches.

19th Nov 2011 BCU:
An interesting day at beach this was. Somehow all five of us managed to meet in different places, on the same bay… Once we all got together the ranger didn’t make an appearance with the rubbish bags and gloves. Not to let a warm and sunny day go to waste, we headed off to Karori for a fair in the Great Britian Consulate or something like that. You can check out the photos from the day on our Gallery Page.

28th Jan 2012 BCU:
Armed with the experience from last time we all met in the same place and headed off towards the beach opposite the new ASB Sports Arena next to Wellington Airport. I can tell you one thing, we were not expecting so much trash! There was just piles of it!!! The worst offenders were plastic straws and bottle caps. The mystery of the day? Where were the bottles? We picked up one or two bottles and probably more than a hundred bottle caps…

In total there was 5kgs of rubbish picked up during about and hour and a half. We will monitor this beach for the next few weeks to see if any extra rubbish piles up and if it does we will return sooner rather than later!

17th Mar 2012 BCU:
Time: 10:15am
Location: End of Kemp Street near the new ASB Sports Arena.


14th Apr 2012 BCU:
Time: 10:15am
Location: TBA

12th May 2012 BCU:
Time: 10:15am
Location: TBA