What we do

To see what we get up to check out some of our projects below. If you want to see our upcoming events, head on over to the events page.


On Saturday the 23rd of April five members of the club headed down to New World Chaffers and asked for the shoppers to “Buy One More” food item and donate it to the Downtown Community Ministry.

Since starting to meet weekly we’ve made a commitment to organise some projects that can be done during meeting times – one of these is baking anzac biscuits which we then donated to the Soup Kitch

The Rotary Club of Courtenay Place donated some prizes from their Big Dig which were more appropriate for adults so that we could run a raffle.

Every year one of our sponsor clubs (the Rotary Club of Courtenay Place) runs an event on the beach for kids fundraising money for various charities.

Originally we were given a location to do, however through changes in planning this was cancelled. Instead we helped one of our sponsor clubs at their location.

This month we decided to do some baking and sell it at the Victoria University Kelburn campus to raise money for Zeal, a youth charity in Wellington.

One of our members spotted that the City Mission canned food drive was coming up and we decided to see if our neighbours could be persuaded into donating some cans.

July 2016

In late October 2015 we ran a quiz night for the Human & Hope Association in Siem Reap, Cambodia. We raised a total of US$1075 and had a blast doing it!

Rug Up For Winter has now been completed for 2012! We received a total of 168 hats from all over New Zealand, an absolutely amazing result!

PLEASE NOTE: we have currently suspended our Beach Clean Ups for the winter due to bad weather…but they will be up and running again this summer!