Why Join?

There are heaps of reasons to join Rotaract!

  1. Opportunity to Help the Community
    The projects we work on are always different, and that means there is heaps of variety in what we do. From beach clean ups to bake sales to quiz nights to movie night fundraisers, there is something for everyone and no one is ever bored!
  2. Network with Rotarians
    Rotarians tend to be experienced professionals, which means there is heaps of opportunities to learn from them and network with successful individuals.
  3. Tick for Your CV + Experiences for Interviews
    Employers always love seeing that you’ve participated in something outside of work and study. It shows you’re a well-rounded individual and have experience in organising projects and working with others. There is also ample opportunity to get experiences that can be later used in interviews to answer questions like “Tell me about a time when…”
  4. Make Contacts Worldwide
    9,000 clubs, 176 countries and territories, 300,000 members. This network can prove invaluable when travelling overseas, especially when something goes wrong! And if that weren’t enough, there are also 1.2 million Rotarians who you can contact as well.
  5. Professional, Personal and Leadership Development
    Developing our members skills has always been a cornerstone of Rotaract and Rotary – with more skilled members come better projects for the community.
    Organising projects is the main way that our members develop their skills in areas like  project management, communication, organisation, time management, leadership, people management and others

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